ARTSPEAK RADIO with Larissa Uredi, Austin Moddrell, & Megan Pobywajlo

August 14, 2019 noon – 1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI streaming live

Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes award winning artist Larissa Uredi and poet/artist/horse wrangler Austin Modrell, and photographer/educator Megan Pobywajlo to the program.

LARISSA UREDI “Gallery of Lost Things” interactive, 3D exhibition. Uredi will transform the Arts Asylum into a 3D, interactive journey that poses the question: “What would life be like without…”
Uredi, “The world is in a very precarious place right now from the natural disasters caused by climate change to manmade disasters caused by exploiting differences and ignoring similarities. It is really important for us to talk about these issures—not to place blame of point fingers but to get them out on the table. It’s time for each of us to think about the role we’re playing when it comes to the issues the world is facing and more important, what role we’re playing or will play in the solution. Part of the problem is that if you’ve never seen an iceberg before, then how do you relate to one melting when it shouln’t be? “Gallery of Lost Things” asks about everyday things…things that are in our lives that we take for granted. It asks people to think about the role they are playing in that objects demise. What could they have done (what will they do) to save it? The experience is intended to make global issues personal. If the exhibit motivates one person to become a part of the solution, I’ll be so pleased.”
facebook: /unravelledllc
instagram: unravelled_kc
Larissa Uredi is an award-winning and internationally recognized fiber and mixed media artist. She has exhibited regionally and internationally and has won several artist residencies in Spain, Estonia, Italy and beyond. When she’s not out mountain biking or exploring this wide world, you can find her in her studio making a mess with paint, dyes and a myriad of other mediums. She writes about her adventures (locally and abroad) and is always up for swapping stories.

Arts Asylum 1000 E. 9th St, KCMO
Gallery of Lost Things on exhibit now through August 31, 2019

AUSTIN MODDRELL- Artist, woodworker, poet. Austin can be found busking in Westport or the Plaza when the mood strikes him, or obsessing over his latest project. His interests veer wildly across media, from bone-carving to leatherwork, to graphic design and photography. He occasionally performs at the Brick, or late at night outside gas stations to receptive groups of people. Moddrell can be reached for questions, collaboration (or maybe just a pleasant chat) at
Moddrell posts about urban exploration, street art, poetry, and anything else that interests him on his Instagram stand_skald_stead
Austin is currently working on a manuscript that may one day see the light of day as a zine.

MEGAN POBYWAJLO- is a photographer transplanted to Kansas City from San Diego, California. Megan works with pictures, humor, zines, books, writing, performance, the internet, collaboration, and education to grow the democratic potential of photography. Since 2013, Megan has created local and traveling exhibitions, public events, and publication projects centered on photography with Archive Collective. In 2018 Megan was commissioned through the Swiss Institute and in 2019 won the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Visual Artist Award.


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