ARTSPEAK RADIO with Miki P and The Swallowtails

Wednesday June 12, 2019 noon-1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI Kansas City Community Radio

Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes musician Miki P and The Swallowtails to the KKFI studio for live performance and conversation.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Mikala Petillo is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, musician and songwriter performing under Miki P. She compose’s lyrics reflective of her own life experiences as well as melodies that hit the heart.
Miki has always been a creative, from a young age she picked up guitar and drums, teaching herself how to play & write songs conveying a spectrum of emotions well beyond her years. As a teen into her early adult years she played drums for a band called American Slim, and found success playing festivals like Middle of the Map Fest, SXSW Music Festival in Austin TX as well as performing at venues like the Royal’s Kaufman Stadium and the Nelson Atkins Museum. She also found success in releasing music for their first full-length album Irreplaceable in the Spring of 2017 gaining experience writing original music for the group with songs like Stevie Knicks, In My Room, and Irreplaceable, followed by a single Queen of Hearts April 11 of 2018.
Branching off from the rock-heavy style of American Slim, Miki has learned an assortment of skills in other genre’s and has come-into-her-own, teaching herself ukulele & piano, including them on songs like Kansas City + Music Box and many more off her debut album Dome of Swallows. Along with staying true to her unique art and pursuing her music career she teaches youth in the Kansas City metro area to play, sing, and write their own music.

Miki P released her first full-length album September 1st, 2018 including 10 original songs. The album is a journey from start to finish describing life in all aspects of heartbreak and love. “Unapologetic from the very beginning, Mikala Petillo – Miki P – let’s you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Dome Of Swallows is a nugget of excellent music. From bass line to Petillo’s unmistakably explosive voice, every part of this album exudes talent.” – Stevie Ervay (PlaylistPlay)
You can stay up to date with all things she creates on her website:

Miki P and The Swallowtails release, I Get Lost, new single out 6//12/19.
The Swallowtails are: ? Miki P – Guitar/vocals Adee Dancy – Cello/vocals Rachel Lovelace – Bassoon Fritz Hutchison – Drums Robert Castillo – Bass


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