Author Sam Harris Gets Spiritual (But Still Hates Religion) and Catholicism and the Movies

Sam Harris Gets Spiritual (But Still Hates Religion)

Along with fellow religion-haters Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris is fiercely smart and never wishy-washy. So when his new book on “waking up” to spirituality arrived in our office, we did a double take. What? Is one of the most militant leaders of the new atheism movement getting soft? Not quite. The famous skeptic is just as edgy–and angry–as ever.

When Catholic Morals Controlled Hollywood

After you watch the Oscars, let’s go back in time to another era, when one of the most powerful forces in the movie business was none other than the Catholic Church. From 1934-1965, the Catholic Legion of Decency rated movies from the official Catholic moral perspective, giving out A’s for acceptable and B’s for objectionable. The dreaded “C” for “condemned” was reserved for movies it deemed immoral, like the 1956 dark comedy Baby Doll. From February 2014.

John Mulderig, Catholic Movie Critic

As the chief film critic for Catholic News Service, John Mulderig hands out Catholic movie ratings–A’s, L’s, and O’s–to all the major movies that hit theaters. Extreme nudity or violence will take you into L-territory, but there’s only one true deal-breaker that warrants the loathsome O for “morally offensive”: a clear flouting of the teachings of the Catholic Church. He spoke to senior producer Laura Kwerel. From February 2015

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