Band Auction/How Mark & Val spent the Folk Alliance Conference, Day 1

Join Mark & Val at 11:00 to hear the artists we heard on the first day of the Folk Alliance Conference. You’ll hear the Lonely Heartstring Band, Mikal Shapiro (yes – River Trade Radio’s own Mikal Shapiro), Vincent Cross, Chris Lee Becker, Robert Hoefling, Little Joe McLerren, Bill & Kate Isles, The Roe Family Singers, Brishen, Durham County Poets, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, Jacqueline Hynes, Brother Sun, Carrie Elkin, Sin and Swoon, Phillip Henry and /Hannah Martin, and Harpeth Rising.

Fraoch will join us for the Band Auction at 11:30 and you can bid on Chris Hudson (from the Parlor Waves) who will close out the show at 12:30.


Chris Hudson:

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