Today’s program discusses how midwives’ care empowers birthing mothers in remote communities and disaster zones. In September 2021, Ibu Robin Lim addressed a Maternal Gift Economy Rising Salon via Zoom from Indonesia. We share excerpts from her slide talk, covering a combination of modern and traditional midwifery practices, the importance of love and caring to help women give birth in the best possible way even during the many disasters in the regions where she works, and criticism of colonization of the birth process. Mentioned near the end are the herb Andrographis paniculata and the International Childbirth Initiative

Ibu Robin Lim is a Filipino-Micronesian-American Certified Professional midwife, whose passion is Human Rights in Childbirth. Her nonprofit organization in Indonesia is called Yayasan Bumi Sehat. Her knowledge and influence are extensive.

Audio from the video of Salon #20, titled “Birthkeepers, Agents of the Maternal Gift Economy Shift” is at: The series is organized and hosted by Genevieve Vaughan and Letecia Layson, with support from Elena Skoko and Diane Weidenkopf. Audio editing for WINGS was done by Frieda Werden.

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