Black August 1993

We turn the clock back to 1993 when Pacifica Radio devoted an entire day to recognize Black August, the annual commemoration of the liberation struggles of Africans Americans that began with the killing of prisoner George Jackson on August 21, 1971.

Pacifica Radio KPFK Producer Margaret Prescod, host of Sojourner Truth and currently active in the California State-wide Prison reform Movement is guest hosting this edition of From The Vault.

In 1993, various producers conducted then current interviews and played Pacifica Radio Archive recordings of George Jackson from 1971.

The producers focused on the treatment of prisoners and the Human and Civil Rights abuses documented during prisoner’s extended stays in solitary confinement at the four Supermax prisons in California. California is currently facing an ongoing hunger strike from prisoners protesting the living conditions they are subjected to.

Later we have comments form Los Angeles Time journalist Paige St. John who’s been covering California’s current prison crisis.

It was shocking to hear that any prisoner reading or listening to George Jackson could be sent to solitary confinement in one of California’s Supermax system for life.
Paige St. John further said that a murder while in prison would get you 4 years in a supermax solitary confinement unit.

Comments from George Jackson’s Mother Georgia Bea Jackson from 1971.

George Jackson 1971

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