Bob McIntyre on Tax Deal, Kevin McKinney on Corporate FM

This week on CounterSpin: The fiscal cliff that was supposed to encourage a big grand bargain wound up producing a much smaller deal on taxes. The headlines say the rich will pay more, the first time in a long time that Congress has voted to make that happen. But is that the whole story? We’ll talk to Bob McIntyre from Citizens for Tax Justice about that.

Also on CounterSpin today, what happened to local commercial radio, as a place to hear local bands or learn about local events? That’s the question engaged by a new film called Corporate FM – part murder mystery, part love letter to the key community resource that local radio used to be, and of course, a tool for activists resisting the corporate consolidation that’s really only enriching a few big players. We’ll hear from filmmaker Kevin McKinney about Corporate FM.


Citizens for Tax Justice

Corporate FM

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