Bobby Bostic Doesn’t Want Kids Making The Same Mistakes He Did; and A Replay – The Criminal Appeals Process With Attorney Kent Gipson

Bobby Bostic Doesn’t Want Kids Making The Same Mistakes He Did

Bobby Bostic is serving the longest sentence in Missouri given to a juvenile for non-homicide offenses. At 16 years old Bostic and his accomplice robbed a group of people delivering Christmas presents and shot two then later carjacked another woman. No one was seriously injured in the incidents but after rejecting a plea deal Bostic was convicted in 1997 and sentenced to 241 years by former St. Louis Circuit Judge Evelyn Baker. Judge Baker has since come to regret the sentence she gave him and even joined an ACLU appeal.

During his more than 20 years of incarceration Bobby Bostic has grown up and with input from others who were sent to prison at a young age developed a program to teach today’s young people how to avoid the “school to prison pipeline”. Bobby is looking for organizations that work with at risk youth that would be interested in using his 16 point program drawn from personal experience to redirect young people down a different path.

Host Elyse Max talks with Bobby Bostic about his program, Juvenile Lifers Without Parole Speak, which he believes has the power to prevent youth from ending up in the school to prison pipeline.

The Criminal Appeals Process With Attorney Kent Gipson
(Rebroadcast from August 2016)

For the past 30 years, Kent Gipson has focused his practice exclusively on representing citizens that have been accused or convicted of crimes at both trial and on appeal. Over the years, he has represented dozens of criminal defendants at trial before a jury. In recent years, the bulk of his practice has been devoted to appellate and post-conviction litigation in both state and federal courts in Missouri and in a few other states. Many observers and commentators have described the post-conviction process in state and federal court as a procedural minefield that lays traps for the uninformed or inexperienced prisoner or counsel. If a mistake is made or a deadline missed early on in the process, this could result in procedural bars in later post-conviction proceedings.

On this edition of Jaws of Justice Radio host Latahra Smith talks with local Appellate Lawyer, Kent Gipson about the criminal appeals process and the appellate system on the federal and state level. He will give us a basic understanding of the appellate system and why it is necessary. We hope to learn how it works and why sometimes it doesn’t work.

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