“Boycott” Investigates Anti-Boycott Laws Threatening Free Speech

The documentary film “Boycott” looks at how and why 34 U.S. states have passed laws targeting Americans who boycott Israeli products in support of Palestinian rights. “Boycott” tells the story of three Americans who challenge the anti-boycott laws in their states. Drafted and promoted by the American Exchange Council (ALEC) and the state of Israel, these anti-boycott laws restrict Americans’ free speech and freedom of conscnce and are increasingly being adapted for use against those seeking to use economic boycotts to put pressure on the fossil fuel and firearms industries too. Suhad Babaa, producer of “Boycott” and executive director of Just Vision, a team of film-makers, journalists and human rights advocates focused on Israel and Palestine, talks about the role of boycotts in both American history and in Palestinian history, the alliance between corporate interests and the Christian right that ALEC represents,  and the threat to democracy and human rights posed by anti-boycott bills.



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