Bridgette Williamson-Mack: Identifying and Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

This weeks host Melvin Merritt talks with Bridgette Williamson-Mack about her books and her work teaching parents, child care providers and teachers how to help prevent abuse of children.  They will explore how to identify abusers as well as children who have been abused.  Tune in for this very important information.

Mrs. Williamson- Mack’s is holds a master’s degree in counseling and is a licensed professional counselor and a published author of three books. Her first book is a clinical spiritual analysis and inner healing book for teenagers and adults. The second book is a multi-level full scale curriculum for use by clinical professionals and persons who have regular contact with young children as prevention and speak up tool to identify and decrease child sexual abuse. Her last book which is something every parent, grand parent or guardian should utilize is a simple parental guide for preventing childhood sexual abuse. She is the CEO and president of sexual abuse prevention training for Deborah Jael Publishing, which specializes in clinical or psychological prevention and restorative based literature designed to meet the needs of clinical professionals, parents, survivors, or supporting school or social service agencies requiring literature in the area of childhood sexual abuse and healing.

Bridgette Williamson-Mack M.A. LPC
CEO & President of prevention training
Deborah Jael Publishing

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