Brits Pan Putin, Rudd’s Equality Defense + More

Here’s what’s on tap on this weekend’s edition of This Way Out:

Brits bang the drum against Russian repression; Obama’s poet goes “Looking for the Gulf Motel”; Rudd sings a new hymn about healing homophobia; Scots pipe up for marriage equality; it’s being won by microns in Mexico and New Mexico; U.S. National Guard service benefits are trapped in state marriage prisons; a fictional lesbian superhero sinks while a real one swims long-distance; and more global LGBT news.

Featured speakers/guests:

Kevin Rudd


Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle. NewsWrap reporters: Jason Proctor & Michelle-Marie Gilkeson; producer: Steve Pride. Correspondents: Kathy Caton; Janet Mason. Theme Music: Kim Wilson. Additional content: The 5th Dimension, The Rascals.



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