Building Peace in Kenya by Rescuing Youth

Diana Wanyonyi, producer of this program, has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Katherine Davenport Award for the hottest women’s news stories of the year. This is one of the ten dynamic programs she produced for WINGS in series year 2023. Diana lives and reports from Mombasa, Kenya.

This program was produced by Diana Wanyonyi. The Women’s International Radio Service (WINGS) thanks all our supporters including Genevieve Vaughan, a longtime advocate for and supporter of feminist international radio. Genevieve hosts a series of online salons at A recent episode deals specifically with international feminist radio. Thanks also to Suzette Cullen; to Sandra Rattley, who funded the WINGS pilot back in 1985; to the late Katherine Davenport for co-founding WINGS; and to your local community radio stations. The WINGS sound logo is from Libana’s album “A Circle Is Cast.”

WINGS has been in distribution since May 13, 1986, with coverage of the global women’s movement and related issues. WINGS may be contacted at [email protected].

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