Butch Is Not a Dirty Word

Women who find themselves “on the masculine side of center” often experience disapproval, rejection, and pressures to change. Today’s guests, associates of “Butch Is Not a Dirty Word” (an Australian magazine and organization designed to admire, appreciate, and network those who live with butch identity) talk about their experiences in queer and straight settings, including overriding the butch/femme binary as a butch/butch couple; the pressures attendant on butch motherhood; views of butchness in communities of colour in the US and Australia; and the power to be comfortable in one’s own preferred self-presentation and identity. Various butch identities are referenced, including trans butch.

Today’s featured speakers and/or guests are Madelaine Imber and Tandiwe Aebi-Moyo, who are butches associated with “Butch Is Not A Dirty Word,” a publication and organization by and for butches, based in Sydney, Australia, with readership and membership around the world. The interview was conducted by Jiselle Hanna and was first aired on 3CR community radio, Melbourne, Australia, in the program series “Accent of Women.” It was adapted for WINGS by series producer, Frieda Werden. [Note: both the website butchisnotadirtyword.com and the Facebook page butchisnotadirtyword have beautiful photography.]

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