Byron Stamps, teacher, producer on Truth in Comedy – storytelling, stand-up, comedy, and art where humanity is the muse

Byron Stamps is a former educator and stand up comedian, who taught Algebra for 11 years, receiving Teacher of the Year 3 times along the way. Byron has performed stand up comedy since 2009 in comedy festivals, clubs and other venues across the country. In 2016, Byron decided to focus solely on comedy. He wanted to focus on comedy that profoundly impacts and connects individuals in a positive way. He envisioned providing a platform for individuals to discuss things they may struggle with – things that cause pain or things they carry silently. He called it “Truth in Comedy”. The storytelling/stand-up comedy show was Byron Stamps’ way of keeping laser like focus on his mission and life’s work.

Truth in Comedy, or TiC for short is a storytelling, stand-up comedy, and art show where humanity is the muse. It is  a uniquely raw and beautiful  experience. Three individuals will tell a very personal story from their life, their truth, where they will be very open, honest, and vulnerable. Afterwards, a comic will perform a set inspired by the story. At the end of the night, a visual artist will present a triptych they created inspired by the stories told.  Truth In Comedy wil be starting bi-monthly shows in Topeka, KS and Kansas City, MO, starting in May.


Donna Morrow Wolfe: host, producer, engineer

Karen E. Griffin: co-host, co-producer

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