Caleb Caudle – Reconciling the Future with the Past Americana Style

Caleb Caudle has been on Host Diana Linn’s radar and on Tasty Brew Music Radio Show playlists for a while now. Caleb opened for Americana favorite Hayes Carll at Knuckleheads earlier in 2022.  He’s in town this week with his own show at Knuckleheads Friday, November 11 and joins Diana on the radio in the 11 am hour.

Forsythia, the latest studio LP offering from Caudle, is a portrait of his truest self, of the artist at his most solitary and reflective. Thematically, it meets anticipation for the unknown future with nostalgia for the past, and reconciles both with meditation in the present. It paints a vision of who Caudle was, is and will hopefully be someday. The album, recorded at Cash Cabin and produced by John Carter Cash, features acclaimed session players Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Dennis Crouch and Fred Eltringham, and the vocal talents of Carlene Carter, Elizabeth Cook and Sarah Peasall McGuffey. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Caudle saw Forsythia as possibly his final album, and somehow turned that fear of the unknown into his most meticulous and expertly crafted collection of songs to date.

Tune in for a phone conversation and new tunes from Caleb Caudle and many others in the Americana/Roots world from 10 am until Noon this Friday, November 11.


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