Can Parole Be Revoked Before The Prisoner Is Released? The Strange Case of Keith Drone.

In 1989 Keith Drone was involved in a motel robbery. He shot a security guard in the leg and was in turn shot in the head. Keith was convicted and sentenced to three life sentences and 65 years. Putting aside the excessive sentencing for a crime where no one was killed, 24 years later Keith drone had earned parole with his good behavior and completion of the necessary programs while incarcerated. He was granted parole and has the support of family to provide him with a home and job to ease his transition back to society.

The security guard that was shot (an off duty police officer) with the support of the Fraternal Order of Police protested the parole after the parole hearing and decision had been made. Those protests were enough to convince the Parole Board to reverse their decision. The officer involved has expressed in the past he wants to see Keith Drone die in prison.

Keith’s family has always agreed that Keith should pay for the crime he committed, but wants to know when enough is enough. The crimes committed do not carry a death sentence and Keith has met all of the requirements to be paroled.
They are also confused how the parole granted could be revoked not because of bad conduct on Keith’s part but only on the need for revenge by the officer.

Host Keith Brown El talks with Calvin Drone, Keith’s cousin and Edna Hardin of Missouri CURE about this strange case. Martez Gardener Keith’s brother in law also tells us about the efforts he is making to provide a place and job for Keith when and if he is released.

Then later in our show Keith talks with Jessica Brown, Executive Director of CASA VETS about an upcoming event The armed Forces Family and Veterans Rally.

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