Can President Donald Trump Be President Again? and A Sleeping Giant In American Politics

Can President Donald Trump Be President Again?

Last year the U.S. Supreme Court became the most conservative it has been in 90 years, with conservative justices controlling decisions with a comfortable 6-3 majority. We can no longer take any Constitutional rights or liberties we thought we had for granted. Prior Supreme Court rulings that aimed at ensuring fairness, equal opportunity, reproductive freedom, and a participatory government “including for those who were not born into the favored, elite classes” are now at great risk.

Today, with the help of Stephen Rohde, our favorite constitutional scholar as our guest, we examine two very important constitutional issues: first, the question of: How safe is freedom of the press in our country today? We do this by looking at the new challenges being leveled at the landmark 1964 case, New York Times v. Sullivan, a case granting protection to a newspaper when it prints a libelous story about a public official or public figure but does so without actual malice. Is that press protection about to disappear? Then, we change gears a bit and ask our guest about the currently much-discussed question flowing from the fact that former President Donald Trump, now faces criminal charges for seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The question stemming from this is: Does Sec. Three of the 14th Amendment to our Constitution stating that any American official who takes an oath to uphold the Constitution is disqualified from holding any future office if they, and I quote, engaged in insurrection or rebellion or provided aid and comfort to our enemies mean that Trump is now disqualified from becoming president again? The Constitution does not spell out how to enforce this ban, It was applied twice in the late 1800s, when it was used against former members of the Confederacy. Today, a number of State Attorneys Generals, and others, are contemplating this question and, in a few cases, preparing to take the matter to court, given their belief that Trump should now, because of his actions on and around the January 6th insurrection, be disqualified from holding any future federal office.

Guest – Stephen Rohde recently published a fabulous review of a new book by Samantha Barbas, titled Actual Malice: Civil Rights and Freedom of the Press in New York v. Sullivan. Steve Rohde is a writer, lecturer, and political activist who practiced civil rights, civil liberties, and intellectual property law for almost 50 years. He is past Chair of the ACLU Foundation of Southern California and a co-founder and current chair of Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, while also playing a leadership role in many other organizations. He writes book reviews for the Los Angeles Review of Books, Ms. Magazine, and And his articles appear regularly in many online publications.


A Sleeping Giant In American Politics

We are in the midst of a labor upsurge. One with the promise of delivering not only better wages, and working conditions, but the prospects of wider positive social change. There is a new fighting spirit in the land, expressed by this rise in labor militancy.

We can look back five years ago to the beginning of the upsurge in teacher militancy in red states such as West Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, and Arizona, where teachers struck, often illegally, to better not only their situation, but that of the communities they lived in. This upsurge has continued.

Recently, we have seen the great success of the Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island, coming together to form a union and Starbucks workers across the country have also unionized. Meanwhile, the writers and actors in the Hollywood movie and television industry have been on strike for several months. The Democratic party, which get a lot of money from the entertainment industry, has not lifted a finger to help them.

The unemployment rates for actors is 90% and only 2% of them can make a living out of acting.Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney said They no longer pay actors what they used to and with streamers you no longer get substantial residuals.” Eighty percent of the union makes less than $26,000 a year, not enough to qualify for union health insurance.

The captains of finance and industry run and control the Democratic Party. They made sure that Bernie Sanders did not get the nomination in 2016 and 2020. The leadership of the labor movement most often supports the Democratic party, explaining that they are the lesser of two evils. The late great journalist, Glen Ford called the Democratic Party, the more effective of two evils. He would have cited as proof of this the Biden administrations recent intervention which prevented the powerful railroad workers union from going on strike this summer.

Guest – Al Bradbury is the editor of Labor Notes and an advocate and practitioner of labor militancy. Labor Notes is a media and organizational project since 1978 that has been the voice of union activists who want to put the movement back into the labor movement. Editor, Al Bradbury join the staff of Labor Notes in 2012 after working with hospital workers as a researcher and organizer for the Service Employees local 49 in Oregon.

Hosted by Attorneys Michael Smith, Jim Lafferty and Maria Hall

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