Jaws of Justice Radio investigates how we can achieve justice from a system of laws deeply rooted in economic, social and political inequality.  We want to dispel misconceptions created by the news and entertainment industry, politicians and our educational system. We hope you will listen.

Tune in Monday to hear host Latahra Smith of KC Freedom Project speak with Keith Carnes on the topic of the South-Central Correctional Center, a maximum-security state prison for 2,500 men located in Licking, Missouri, owned and operated by the Missouri Department of Corrections since 2000.

Keith Carnes was held in prison after his wrongful conviction for first-degree murder sentenced him to life without parole in 2006.  Keith Carnes steadfastly maintained that he did not commit the murder and began a series of appeals through the Missouri Courts.  He was released in 2022.  At the time of his release, Keith Carnes, an innocent man, was held in the segregation unit at South-Central Correctional Center.


After the calendar, in the second half of our hour host Macy Jones will speak with his guests, Phoeb Haynes and Thailisha Smith.  They will discuss the system of health care for incarcerated men and women.  Phoeb has been incarcerated and Thailisha is an Executive Director of Ladies that Lean.


Plan to call our station during this hour at 816-931-5534 if you would like to ask questions or share your experience.


Please tune in!

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