Charles Carney’s Peace Walk

Charles Carney is walking the 253 miles from McConnell Air Force Base four miles southeast of the central business district of Wichita to the Kansas City National Security Campus on Botts Road in Kansas City, Missouri.  This episode of Radio Active Magazine features an interview by Radio Active Magazine host Spencer Graves with Charles and two members of his support team:  Ann Suellentrop and Kimberly Hunter.

He arrives at the Kansas City National Security Campus September 17 (Friday) between 3 and 4 PM.  He announced his plan for this Peace Walk August 3.  Progress reports have been filed repeatedly on on August 10, August 11August 16, August 23, August 24, August 25August 26, September 1, September 2, September 4, September 5, September 6, September 8September 10, … .

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