Chris Goode gives the juice on entrepreneurship

Chris Goode, fresh, young, local entrepreneur, founder and owner of Ruby Jean’s Juice, shares his vision on this session of Next Step Forward with host and co-producer, Jasmine Jones.

Co-host, engineer and producer:  Donna Morrow Wolfe

Local entrepreneur, Chris Goode, owner and founder of Ruby Jean’s Juice is defying the statistics with juice.

A Huffington Post article, 5/20/15 by Joseph Erbentraut notes  that Black men in the U.S. have been described as being stuck in a “permanent recession,” with unemployment rates consistently higher than those of other demographic groups, and states:

  • Even as national unemployment has trended downward since the height of the Great Recession, the unemployment rate among black men has remained robust. In April, black male unemployment dipped below 10 percent for just the first time in seven years.
  • The Pew Research Center has reported, ever since the government started tracking joblessness by race in 1954, black Americans have consistently experienced an unemployment rate at least double that of their white counterparts. And as Al Jazeera noted last year, black men generally fare worse in the job market than black women.
  • The disparity appears to hold up regardless of education levels. According to a report released last year by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, black college graduates were generally twice as likely to be unemployed in 2013 as their white peers. The same study reported that a white man with a recent criminal history was more likely to receive a follow-up call after a job interview than a black man with no criminal record and an otherwise identical resume.

Chris Goodes,s enterprise, Ruby Jean’s Juice is an example of the upward trending of young, black entrepreneurs. In this case, embracing the movement and rising conciousness of the society regarding eating whole healthy food for life. Ruby Jean’s website says  juicing is a great way to receive and retain the vitamins and nutrients we need from our fruits and veggies. It helps with consuming veggies in an efficient manner and also adds a wider variety of veggies to your diet. Healthy benefits to drinking “in color” include:

• Optimal digestion
• Weight Loss
• Increase in energy
• Diversity of nutrients
• Boost immune system
• Reduce risk of getting cancer
• Supports brain health

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