Close Encounters of the Biological Kind: Learning from the Locals

Nature bats last, but more importantly, it’s her playing field. Wouldn’t it be wise to learn the ground rules and how to play by them? Join naturalist Janine Benyus as she describes her exploration of biomimicry, the art of imitating nature’s evolutionary genius to serve human ends harmlessly. What can the Namibian beetle teach us about coping with drought?

Janine Benyus, the godmother of biomimicry, will return with the latest and greatest in this game-changing design science revolution of “innovation inspired by nature.” Biomimicry is starting to have a significant impact on the design of more and more technologies and industrial processes at the highest levels, including very large companies and national governments. Janine has spoken at Bioneers since 1997 when her landmark book came out, and she remains the most eloquent voice carrying the vision and practical reality of how biomimicry can truly revolutionize the way we live, while conserving the genius and grandeur of the web of life.

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