Cold Wars: Old & New with Brian Becker

We are in the midst of a new cold war. In this go-round, the principal adversary is China with Russia taking second place. In the old Cold War, it was the reverse. Today, Russia is nowhere near China economically. And Moscow’s performance in Ukraine suggests its military has serious problems. China is already an economic superpower and is seen by the U.S. as a long-term threat to its hegemony. Washington’s so-called pivot to Asia is aimed at Beijing. Its strategy is to impose sanctions and surround it with more and more bases and to get Australia, Japan and other countries into military alliances. If the new cold war either intentionally or unintentionally, morphs into a hot war we can say goodbye to our precious planet.

Brian Becker is the National Director of the ANSWER coalition, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism. His involvement against the invasion of Iraq led to the largest anti-war demonstrations in U.S. history.  In March 2023 he helped organize the U.S. Out of Ukraine protests in major cities. He is the host of The Socialist Program podcast and author of The Supreme Court Versus Democracy.

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