Host Terri Wilke speaks with Yazmin Valdez, Intern with Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation – Kansas City (AIRRKC).  Listeners have been introduced to AIRRKC.  Yazmin Valdez is our guest to speak more specifically about Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte County.

Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation (AIRR) recognizes and is working tirelessly to keep families together and end the humanitarian crisis our immigrant community is facing. All people, no matter where they were born, deserve a chance at a safe and dignified life.

Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte County is a campaign that has gathered strength over the past four years.  AIRR is committed to empower and uplift the voices of the immigrant community and provide them with the tools they need to better protect themselves and their families.


Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte County is a proposed ordinance that would benefit all citizens of Wyandotte County, not only those born in other countries.  Stop and think how often you are asked to show an ID…for insurance, for a library card, for entrance into a museum or galley.  Many people do not have a photo ID for various reasons and in particular, especially older citizens do not have photo ID.

Please listen and learn about the Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte County campaign.


After we play our calendar at the half hour, I will speak with Mike Brouwer, Criminal Justice Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) in Douglas County, Kansas.   The CJCC was formed in Douglas County KS in 2019 and its purpose is to provide a working forum to support communications and collaborative coordination between key criminal justice system officials, advisory bodies, agencies, departments and community leaders to promote public health, public safety and an effective, fair and efficient criminal justice system.


Their most recent headlines are about a study that has been commissioned with researchers Jack McDevitt, of Northeastern University, and Janice Iwama, of American University, – the Law Enforcement Contact Study.  This is data to study law enforcement pedestrian and traffic stops in Douglas County.

At a community meeting on August 9, 2021, research disclosed that people of color stopped by law enforcement in Douglas County are searched or frisked nearly twice as often as white people, and that ratio doesn’t change when the search is the officer’s choice versus a search the officer must conduct, such as during an arrest.  The searches of people of color resulted in officers finding no contraband at a greater rate than searches of white people.


On Jaws of Justice, we investigate how to achieve justice in America.

We hope you will listen.


“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Calendar for the week of August 23rd:

KCMO has reinstated an indoor mask mandate in places of public accommodation – for all persons aged five and older, regardless of vaccination status.  If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you can find a vaccine. See the FAQS at


  • Legal Aid of Western Missouri can provide free civil legal services to low-income and vulnerable people who live in Jackson CTY MO. Interested individuals can call 816-474-6750 to apply.


  • Monday Meets: August 23rd, 4 PM, Online event. Hosted by The Willow Domestic Violence Center open to everyone on Facebook Live.


  • MON, August 23rd, Noon, No More Excuses Coalition Meeting at the Mohart Center Auditorium, 3200 Wayne, 64109.


  • THURS, August 26th, 6:30 PM Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools. The struggle for equality starts early – in school hallways and classrooms, where disciplinary actions often are disproportionately harsh. The disparity has led to an alarming high school dropout rate for Black girls and swell of their cases in the juvenile justice system. Kansas City Public Library presents an online presentation by Monique W. Morris, author, and Dr. Lateshia Woodley, Kansas City Public Schools’ assistant superintendent of student support. Watch it live online at


  • SAT, August 28th, 10- 111:30 AM, #TeachTruth Rally & March at Lincoln Prep, 2111 Woodland Ave, KCMO. SURJ KC and Community Remembrance Project of MO ask you to join community partners and pledge to #teachtruth. Meet at Lincoln Prep and walk to the Black Archives of Mid-America to hear from guest speakers Dr. Carmelita Williams, Glenn North, and more.


  • A list of services, meals, and hot lines are available at  The list is updated daily.

Please take care of yourselves and others. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for health care reforms that promote universal access to affordable care.  COVID-19 has devastated the U.S. prison and jail population.


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