Connecting For Good

 On today’s show we will be interviewing the 2 founding members of Connecting for Good, the President of Connecting for Good Michael Liimatta and Chief Operating Officer Rick Deane about the digital divide in Kansas City and how their organization is helping to fix the problem. Connecting for Good is the only 501(3c) in Kansas City whose sole purpose is to bridge the gap caused by the digital divide. Their organization provides free computer literacy courses to the public along with refurbishing used computers to sell to low income families at extremely affordable prices. Connecting for good also provides free internet service to several low income housing developments such as Juniper Gardens and has a computer lab that is open to the public at 2006 North 3rd Street Kansas City, Kansas 66101. If you would like to find out more about about Connecting for Good go to their website at Connecting for Good . They are also putting the Tech Mob Recycle Event at their 3rd street location on Saturday April 11th from 11am to 1pm, come to donate your old computers and check out what they’ve been doing.

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