Arun Gupta on No More Camps!, Zoe Carpenter on Oregon Power Grab

This week on CounterSpin: The US is facing humanitarian and political crises, and media will be judged on how they choose to respond.

When a government is holding people who have committed no crime in camps that Holocaust survivors describe as “concentration camps,” do you, as a media outlet, host dialog about how to put a stop to it—or about how there’s a debate about immigration policy in which there are many legitimate positions, one of which, maybe, is the concentration camp position?

We’ll talk about that with journalist Arun Gupta, one of the organizers behind the NoMoreCamps! campaign.
When faced with cataclysmic climate disruption, and witnessing legislators who take money from the companies profiting from the disaster prevent communities from passing laws to confront it, do you talk about how to stop that—or about how there’s a debate on how democracy works, and even Abe Lincoln avoided a vote, you know?

CounterSpin also talks this week with Zoe Carpenter, associate Washington editor at The Nation, who wrote about the Oregon GOP’s violent power grab to deflect the public will on climate action.

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