Craft Beer Craze

Craft beer is an exploding phenomenon, both in the U.S. and worldwide, with local, independently-owned breweries popping up all over the country.

We hear from Charlottesville, Virginia’s Champion Brewery boys Hunter Smith and Levi Duncan, as they explain why they chose to brew beer, and offer their view on the craft beer craze.

Later, we hear from Ames, Iowa’s Alluvial Brewing Company boys Matt Nissen and Elliott Thompson, as they detail their beer brewing process and explain what exactly a hop is and how it’s used.

Featured speakers/guests:

Hunter Smith, Levi Duncan; Matt Nissen, Elliott Thompson; Sarah McConnell; Donna Prizgintas, Lonna Nachtigal  


Segments featured are from With Good Reason, with host Sarah McConnell and associate producer Kelley Libby; and DonnaLonna Kitchen Show, with hosts Donna Prizgintas and Lonna Nachtigal, and engineer Rick Morrison.

Music featured is “Crystal Clear (Beer)” by Beck; the Sprouts theme music is “Torpedoes on a Tuesday” by the Poison Control Center.

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