Crescent City Jam Sessions

American Routes samples the best live music collaborations from the 2011 Jazz Fest season in New Orleans. Each year, music from the festival at the fairgrounds spills over into the streets and clubs of our city. We’ll camp out at Preservation Hall for an evening of jazz and country with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Nashville song man Buddy Miller, with special guest Robert Plant. Then we’ll catch the Hot 8 Brass Band and Mos Def at the Howlin’ Wolf across town. Plus more musical surprises.

Timing and Cues

American Routes Program #15-21 (repeat of 14-01)

00:00 Open Hour 1
segment A: INCUE: “(music) This is AR I’m NS New Orleans is…”
“I Ain’t Got Nobody” Buddy Miller
“I Want to Be With You Always” Buddy Miller & Patty Griffin
“Nature Boy” Robert Plant
“Rich Woman” Robert Plant
OUTCUE: “…jam sessions continues on AR.”
cutaway 1: “Short Dressed Gal” Preservation Hall Jazz Band
segment B: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR and we’re live…”
“Bad Boy” Charlie Musselwhite
“Sad and Beautiful World” Charlie Musselwhite
“Strange Land” Charlie Musselwhite
“Roll Your Money Maker” Charlie Musselwhite
OUTCUE: “…cajun band when AR returns.”
cutaway 2: “Bars in the Prison” Beausoleil
segment C: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR not long ago….”
“Chez Varise Connor” Beausoleil
“J’ai Passé Devant ta Porte” Beausoleil
“Chanson de Cinquante Sous” Beausoleil
“Marie” Beausoleil
OUTCUE: “…this is AR from PRX.”
cutaway 3: “Eh La Bas” Preservation Hall Jazz Band
1:00:00 “Eh La Bas” end
00:00 Open Hour 2
segment D: INCUE: “(music) I’m NS this is AR from New Orleans…”
“Time is Tight” Booker T. Jones
“New Orleans” Mos Def & Hot 8 Brass Band
OUTCUE: “…rock n roll when AR continues.”
cutaway 4: “Rent Party” Booker T. Jones
segment E: INCUE: “I’m NS and this is AR as part of our….”
Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall interview
“50/50 Chance” Del McCoury Band & Preservation Hall Jazz Band
“Choko Mo Feel No Hey” Preservation Hall Jazz Band
“Peanut Vendor” Preservation Hall Jazz Band
“I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)” Preservation Hall Jazz Band
OUTCUE: “…rock n roll when AR returns.”
cutaway 5: “Olympia on Parade” Preservation Hall Jazz Band
segment F: INCUE: “I’m NS here in New Orleans with our…”
“Trouble in Mind” Preservation Hall Jazz Band
“Poison Love” Buddy Miller & Patty Griffin
“You Can’t Judge a Book/Mona” Buddy Miller & Robert Plant
OUTCUE: “…we’ll see you down the line (applause fades out)”
59:00 end

Hour One
00:00 — Open
18:07 — cutaway 1 start
39:54 — cutaway 2 start
58:59 — Hour one close and cutaway 3 “Eh La Bas” start
1:00:00 — cutaway 3 “Eh La Bas” end

Hour Two
00:00 — Open
18:20 — cutaway 4 start
38:33 — cutaway 5 start
59:00 — Hour two end

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