Crossroads Correctional Center, Can This Be Fixed? A Conversation with Adult Facilities Director Alana Boyles

Crossroads Correctional Center, Can This Be Fixed? A Conversation with Adult Facilities Director Alana Boyles

In mid May some of the prisoners at Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, MO refused to leave the chow hall after the evening meal. As the guards backed off a few prisoners broke out windows and gained access to the warehouse that held food and canteen items, offices and the production facilities for the prison industries. All prisoners were finally back in their cells six hours later but the damage done to food stores, prisoner’s personal property, doors, offices and industrial equipment was extensive and has resulted in the whole prison being locked down since. One whole unit has been shut down with many prisoners being transferred to other institutions.

Crossroads predominately houses prisoners that have very long sentences and those who will never see the outside again. Many of the programs and activities available at other institutions are not available at Crossroads. The lack of programs coupled with a severe guard shortage that lead to yard time and other activities being curtailed created a pressure cooker ready to blow. The lockdown of the whole facility, boxed meals day in and day out, suspension of visiting hours and curtailed access to medical treatment even for those that were not involved (more than one unit had nothing to do with the uprising) has got the pressure rising again.

Host Latahra Smith of the KC Freedom Project was one of four citizen activist who met with Anne Precythe, Director of the DOC, Alana Boyles, Director of Adult Institutions, Matt Sturm, Director of Programs and Joan Reinkemeyer, Director Rehabilitative Services on July 10th to open a dialogue about how the rising tensions could be calmed down. Today Latahra will speak with Alana Boyles about the efforts the DOC is making to bring the institution back to normal and off lockdown and the subsequent meeting with DOC Staff, the inmate representatives chosen by the institution, citizen activists and Representative Brandon Ellington that was held July 19th.

JoJR Calendar of Events

On our broadcast this week we will be talking to Michelle Metje of Cory’s Network about their annual Vigil to honor Cory and raise awareness of all of the unsolved homicides in our community. That vigil will be held Sunday July 29th, 8pm at 3907 Crackerneck Rd, Independence, Mo (about 1/4 mile Q+West of Independence Mall)

The Coalition for Justice in Palestine is hosting an event at the Kansas City Public Library, Plaza Branch, 4801 Main, KCMO on Monday July 23rd at 6:30 p.m. At the event we will gather to listen to the experiences of Palestinians in the community and hear their ideas on how to help build a sustainable community here to create greater justice in Palestine. The Coalition for Justice in Palestine believes endless occupation is not an option and has formed to help forge a future where human rights, democracy, liberty and equality exist for all persons living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. For more information go to the Facebook page called JusticePalestine.

Cory’s Network Inc, Momma On A Mission Inc, Justice 4 Destiny Inc and Healing Pathway Press conference to discuss future plans –
Tuesday July 24th, 2018 – 1:00 pm
Macs Fish on 6200 Troost (The old Mad Jack’s)

Since the creation of Corey’s Network in July 2014 we have met many amazing people and organizations. Three of the local organizations we work closely with are extraordinary in helping the community and being there for clients. In the past we have reached out to each other to share common information while trying to help as many clients as possible. We have partnered to help victims get their lives back on track after suffering one of the greatest tragedies in their lives. We also support each other’s fundraising and other activities.

The organizations we are referring to are :
Momma On a Mission, Inc. – Lead by Monique Willis
Justice 4 Destiny Inc. – Lead by DiHaan Coody
Healing Pathway – Lead by Monica Roberts

These leaders have exceptional agencies and have shown they care about clients and go the extra mile to help. All our mission statements are similar but offer unique ways to help our clients. The clients benefit from our diversity.

After many meetings we have decided to join forces and share information on a regular basis. We are going to keep our separate organizations, but are going to seamlessly share information about clients, activities and fundraisers. Our clients will benefit in that they won’t have to search for services or give contact info and details about their cases to each agency.

Using this new union, we can offer a multi-disciplinary approach to a multi-faceted problem. We are going to make an awesome impact.

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