Dacia Moore, family counselor, returns to talk about relationships and holiday stress

Dacia Moore, individual, couples and family counselor, returns to  talk about relationships and holiday stress, as Urban Connections Health and Wellness series commences.

Host and producer:  Donna Morrrow Wolfe       Co-host, co-producer:  Joseph Jackson

Dacia Moore is President and CEO of Second Wind Counseling & Consulting. Her   company serves two missions:

One – to help individuals, couples and families to improve their mentall well being though personal, marital and family counseling. In counseling, you are given tools that will help individuals cope better with disappointment, depression, betrayal, grief/loss, and other life transition situations. Also, to work on improving communication skills with others in life and at work. The goal of counseling is to learn how to overcome difficulties and live with HOPE!

Two – to help urban youth and teachers in urban schools to improve their academic and behavioral outcomes by teaching both the adults who work with urban youth, as well as the students, the evidenced based cognitive behavioral strategies that can reduce disruptive behavior.

She uses her former experience as the director of a nationally highlighted alternative education day treatment program to teach educators, school counselors/social workers and parents how to effectively deal with very difficult student behavior. Her premise is:

“If these strategies worked with that difficult population, children with diagnosis such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder, all the same classroom, then these strategies will work in the general education population as well.”

Dacia has developed and customized workshops and training programs for over 15 years on topics such as:
Toxic Relationships: What are they? Are you in one? How to get out!
Developing a Resilient Mindset when working with Difficult People
Keys to becoming a FEARLESS Woman!
Transforming Misbehavior: 7 Keys to Reducing Defiant Behavior
Dealing with Diversity – Changing your mindset about those who are completely different from you!

Currently, Dacia continues her research on behavioral disorders while teaching as an adjunct professor at Webster University in the Counseling Division, and at the Metropolitan Community Colleges-Penn Valley Campus in the Division of Social Science.

Her keynote presentations and professional development workshops always include the most current best practice strategies as well as the most up to date research on her topics.

Dacia has authored a number of articles and books, her most recent book, Why Are So Many Students So Angry? is a foundational guide for educators and parents on how to reduce angry, aggressive behavior.

Dacia helps individuals, couples and families improve their quality of life by providing counseling services. Her framework, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, (REBT) teaches her clients how to reduce their own disturbance by managing their self-talk. Her training hales from the Albert Ellis Institute in New York where she had the privilege of studying with the renowned Dr. Ellis (deceased).

Dacia serves on the Board of Trustees of the Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund. The Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund makes grants to 501 (c) 3 mental healthcare organizations. It is a public trust fund with an annual budget of over $10 M. As a member of the Board of Trustees, her role is to assure that tax payer monies are disbursed and used with the highest of ethical standards. Dacia is a member of the Budget Committee, the Appropriations Committee and the Cultural Competency Committee.

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