Dan McCrory, How Capitalism Killed the Middle Class and Rigged the System and New AFSCME Local 500 President Reginald Silvers

Once upon a time, you could work for one company your whole adult life, you could make a decent living, and you could buy your piece of the American Dream. Not any more, says Dan McCrory, who started at the phone company in 1973 and has written Capitalism Killed the Middle Class; 25 Ways the System is Rigged Against You. This week on the Heartland Labor Forum, we’ll find out how Ma Bell killed Dan’s dream and which of the twenty-five is the worst for the working class. Then, AFSCME Local 500 which represents city workers in KCMO has a new president, Reginald Silvers. We’ll find out about him and his plans for city workers on tonight’s show.

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