Danny McGaw and an Elvis Shout Out on The Tasty Brew!

Danny McGaw returns to The Tasty Brew Music Radio Show.  Songwriter and native born Englishman,  Danny McGaw, was one of Diana Linn’s very first radio guests when she hosted Wells The Traveler on a Thursday night edition of KKFI’s Local Showcase Show.  Danny has stopped in the KKFI studios intermittently since he relocated to California from his time living in Kansas City.  McGaw will be on a short break from opening for Three Dog Night all over the country, performing a very special show with Kansas City’s Supermassive Black Holes at Mike Kelly’s Westsider on Thursday, July 7.

Danny’s voice packs an emotional charge that commands any room. Whether it’s intimate acoustic ballads or explosive folk rock anthems, his incisive lyrics and emotional intensity leave an unforgettable impression.

Combining a practicing athlete’s approach with an eclectic taste for a wide array of musical styles, Danny has also benefitted from close relationships he developed with celebrated composer and producer, Greg Townley, (Black Hawk Down, Sideways) as well as being fortunate enough to have spent considerable time in the studio with legendary drummer/engineer/producer Simon Phillips (The Who, Toto, Mick Jagger).

Five well-received albums later, Danny’s latest record, “On The Outside,” was produced by Grammy Winner Tim V. Hutton, (Jimmy Cliff, Three Dog Night, Sugar Ray) and incorporates a lush sound inspired by the Britpop of Danny’s childhood — big hooks, guitars, harmonies, and a punk-like energy. The songs cover a stylistic range — from open-throated anthems to folkie pin-drop intimacy.

In addition to  premiering a load of new Americana/Roots/Bluegrass Music, this week’s special featured spotlight falls on songs for and about Elvis in honor of the recent debut of Baz Luhrmann’s epic movie about the King of Rock and Roll!

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