David Graham, Libertarian candidate to represent Kansas in the US Senate

David Graham talks with Radio Active Magazine host Craig Lubow about why he is running as a Libertarian to replace Jerry Moran in the US Senate.  Graham wants to reduce the size of government, reform criminal justice, and build a smarter national defense system.  Libertarians believe that more government means less freedom.

Graham is opposed to government regulation of guns, though private schools and shop owners should be allowed to prohibit guns in their premises.

Graham is also opposed to mass incarcerations.  He sees two issues here.  First, there shouldn’t be a federal offense for something that is adequately covered by state law.  If someone steals a car in Kansas and takes it to Missouri, he can be convicted of theft in both states.  We do not need a federal statute on top of that.  Second, there should not be mandatory minimum sentences:  Judges should have more discretion.

Graham noted that we’ve lost the war on drugs.  We should admit it and decriminalize substance abuse and small amounts of drug dealing. Similarly, the national Libertarian party is opposed to the death penalty, though Graham himself is not committed to that position.

Regarding abortion, the national Libertarian party has not taken a position on that, but Graham is 100 percent pro life.  He also wants to get the government out of certifying marriages, though there should still be a role for government in divorce issues using standard principles of contract law.

Libertarians support a strong national defense but believe the US has in the past been too eager to use force in other countries to the detriment of all.



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