Death Penalty Update

Death Penalty Update

Gregory Joseph, Program Director at National Coalition Against the Death Penalty, joins host Craig Lubow to discuss trends in the death penalty. This will include new moratoriums, Trump’s attempt to resume the death penalty at the federal level, and exonerations. Bipartisan attempts to repeal the death penalty in some states. One phone line will be open for calls.

National Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Missourians For the Alternative to the Death Penalty

From newsletter from Sister Helen Prejean:

A dying punishment
“Partisan divide” has surely become the phrase of the last half decade or so, but there’s one area where the partisan divide, although it still exists, is showing distinct signs of fraying. That area is public attitudes towards the death penalty. For the first time a majority of Americans say they prefer life imprisonment over death. Gallup last surveyed this question in 2014. Since then, Democrats have shifted from death to life by 19 points, independents by 16 points, and Republicans by 10 points. While Republicans still favor death overall (58% to 38% for life imprisonment), this is a whopping shift in five years, especially given the current Administration’s gungho attitude towards the death penalty.

And we’re seeing this bubble up from the ground, too. We noticed it during the campaign to save Rodney Reed from death in Texas, when support for Rodney came from self-identifying conservatives as well as from others across the political spectrum.

I recognize that life imprisonment without possibility of parole is a death sentence of another kind, but I believe it is a punishment that is kept in place by the dehumanizing influence of capital punishment.