Deepak Chopra’s Mystical Vision of God and Muslim Satire After Charlie Hebdo

Deepak and Jeff:  Meeting of the Mystics

One is a holistic health guru with his own spiritual empire of self-help books, workshops and Oprah-endorsed meditation retreats. The other sticks to university crowds, known for his scholarship on modern mysticism and consciousness. While Deepak Chopra and Jeffrey Kripal come from different worlds, both men, in their own ways, approach the mystery of existence with humility and awe. This week, we’ve brought them together for a heart-to-heart about Dr. Chopra’s new book, The Future of God.

Depictions of Muhammad after Charlie Hebdo

At least 12 people were killed this week when masked gunmen attacked the offices of the French satirical news magazine, Charlie Hebdo. While the motive is still unknown, the paper has published insulting cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in the past. Yasir Qadhi, A Muslim cleric and professor at Rhodes College and Christiane Grubera, scholar of Islamic art at the University of Michigan clear up the misconception that it’s forbidden to depict the prophet, and consider how this extreme act of violence might affect France’s Muslim community.

An Agenda for Pope Francis in 2015

Interfaith Voices commentator Maureen Fiedler shines a light on the issues she hopes Pope Francis will address in the coming year. Among many things, she suggests he brush up on feminist theology, further commit to becoming the “Green Pope of 2015,” and continue to be one of the most “human” Popes she’s lived though

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