Diana Linn and Danny Lee on the Radio for Fall Pledge Drive 2023!

Host Diana Linn here…. I am having a very special “Guest DJ” and “Pledge Partner” join me in the studio this week for the Fall Pledge Drive… my partner in life, love and all things KKFI for the last four years, Danny Lee Powell.  We met through the auspices of KKFI well over 10 years ago while Danny was involved at the station assisting to produce public affairs programming and serving as President of the Kansas City Blues Society.  He now serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Mid-Coast Radio Project (KKFI) and is President of the Kansas non-profit the Heartland Song Network.  He has exquisite taste in music and is fearless when it comes to supporting non-profits through his volunteerism and willingness to raise working capital.  To the best of my recollection in all those years we’ve only been on the radio together maybe once or twice.  Tune in to see if we are still talking by the end of the show…no really, it’ll be fun…and we promise to spin some of the best in Americana, Bluegrass, Country and Roots Music!

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