Digital Democracy: The Cyberworld of Citizen Activism BRAD FRIEDMAN, JOHN STAUBER, and JOAN BLADES

“Democracy right now in the United States of America is in tatters. The media has just been utterly delinquent in their job as a role of watchdog for the country. Whether I like it or not, folks like me have had to step in and sort of fill that breach.”

Garbage in, garbage out. That was the mantra of the early computer innovators. In other words, you’re only as good as your data.


If, as the founders of the United States republic believed, a vital free press is fundamental to democracy, then it’s no wonder we find ourselves sinking into a junk society and trashed environment. How can we make good decisions without good information? How can we get good information without a robust free press? The consent of the governed relies on informed consent. Otherwise, garbage in, garbage out.


But new digital media, especially the Internet, are challenging the supremacy of junk news and its primary cause: the corporate concentration of media ownership. The digital revolution is also a democracy revolution.


Can web technology by the people help breathe new life into government by the people? That’s the driving belief of a new generation of digital “small-d” democrats who have informed and empowered millions at the voting booth and on the ground.


And the fate of the environment may well hinge on democracy’s free flow of good information and active citizen engagement. So join us as we hear the best of cyber citizenship from political blogger Brad Friedman, propaganda watchdog John Stauber, and MoveOn cofounder Joan Blades. This is Digital Democracy: the Cyberworld of Citizen Activism. I’m Neil Harvey. Welcome to The Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature.

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