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On June 3rd, host Richard Mabion will speak with his guests about the Neighborhood Roundtable – Learning to Become a Collaborative Development Unit.

As a society, we have structured our day-to-day lives around historical and current climate conditions. We are accustomed to a normal range of conditions and we can be sensitive to extremes that fall outside of this range.

Climate change could affect our society through impacts on a number of different social, cultural, and natural resources. For example, climate change could affect human health, infrastructure, and transportation systems, as well as energy, food, and water supplies.  In times past, the larger problem was pollution.  Now, our neighborhoods still have problems of air, soil and water pollution AND extreme temperatures and weather events.

Some groups of people will likely face greater challenges than others. Climate change may especially impact people who live in poverty, older adults, and immigrant communities. Similarly, some types of professions and industries may face considerable challenges from climate change. Professions that are closely linked to weather and climate, such as outdoor tourism, commerce, and agriculture, will likely be especially affected.

Does your neighborhood have a way to shelter the storm and improve living conditions?

EcoRadio KC is glad to encourage awareness and protection of our world.  Our goal is to ensure our listeners are aware of how we can create a sustainable present for a sustainable future! It will take us all to make the world safe for habitation for millennia to come.

This will be a great radio hour!


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