Domestic Abuse – The Next Generation

Today’s show provides a documentary from Australia which features organizers and clients of youth-oriented groups that deal with domestic violence. They recognize youth often don’t want to hear about domestic violence, that many of them grew up with such violence, and that they often don’t want to leave the relationship. Recognizing the elements of good relationships and practicing them can sometimes be effective in positively dealing with abusive domestic relationships. The availability of hotlines for individuals when they decide help is needed is another important element of assisting individuals in abusive relationships.

Speakers for today’s program are: Adele, from Young Mothers for Young Women; Julie and Betty from the ZigZag Young Women’s Resource Centre in Brisbane; anonymous survivors of multi-generational domestic violence; and, Kate Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer of Amnesty International Australia (later Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights at the UN). Indigenous DV hotline promotion from Alaska.

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