Dr David Allen, Jury Nullification, Retrieving Confiscated Property and the Assault on Medical Marijuana

Jessica Thomas talks with Dr David Allen, cardiac surgeon, about being set up as a drug dealer by authorities in Mississippi after he moved to California to start a medical marijuana evaluation clinic.  Dr Allen also tells why and how marijuana is so effective as a pain killer and curative agent for many ailments.

Working on an tip that he was growing marijuana in the basement of his Pascagoula, Mississippi home authorities raided the house to find only a florescent light fixture and a small amount of weed and hash in the pockets of the residents.  Subsequent to the arrest they confiscated his home in Mississippi and then authorities used pictures from a different raid and prejudicial press releases to paint him as a big time supplier.  “There was marijuana being grown there, there were drugs being shipped in and out of there for profit and that is why the place has been seized,” Narcotics Task Force Commander Curtis Spiers said.

After a five month investigation while he was out on $100,000 bond the state accused him of trying to intimidate and/or bribe witnesses to leave the state.  They sent bounty hunters to bring him back from California.  The bounty hunters threw him in the back of a van in shackles for five days and drove him from California to Mississippi.  Once again the use of false evidence was not enough to get a conviction because of jury nullification.  Dr Allen is one of the few people arrested for drugs that was able to retrieve his property from the state.

Dr Allen continues to practice medicine in California and is known for his wholistic approach that is focused on the cause of illness, not just treating symptoms.


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