“Driftwood” Stories + Trans Testimonies + QBDOO Reports + LGBT News!

This week on This Way Out:

The “Driftwood” project personalizes politics; the University of Minnesota’s Tretter Collection seeks trans testimonies; 8-year-old QBDOO reports from Brooklyn about his trans life; Kazakhstan’s Senate passes a “no promo homo” bill, another U.S. Native American tribe votes for marriage equality, Northern Ireland’s Roman Catholic Church pushes a “religious freedom” bill, the U.K. is first in the world to approve 3-parent babies, and more LGBT news from around the world!

Featured speakers/guests:

Lisa Vecoli; QBDOO; Nathan Manske.


Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle. NewsWrap reporters: Michael LeBeau and Tanya Kane-Parry; Producer: Steve Pride. Correspondents: Dixie Treichel and John Townsend; Steve Pride. Theme music: Kim Wilson; Featured music: Brandi Carlile.

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