Environmental Justice with Beto Lugo-Martinez and the Latin Rhythms of “Cubanisms”

Leslie interviews Beto Lugo-Martinez regarding environmental justice and more. When Beto moved to Kansas City from California a few years ago, he knew he couldn’t leave his years of environmental justice advocacy in the rearview mirror. Seeing the largely Hispanic residents in Wyandotte County – the poorest in the state – with a 20-year shorter life expectancy and higher rates of lung and heart disease, Beto was compelled to join CleanAirNow (CAN). He knew from experience that when trusted community members work with advocacy partners, they are all more powerful.

Part II of the program is a rebroadcast of a September 2020 performance of the band “Cubanisms”, which was founded in 2016 in Kansas City, by Michael McClintock. Its music is a fusion, mixing the Cuban Tres with some sparkles of Salsa, Jazz, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms. It reflects the richness that comes from the experience of its members and its Anglo-Saxon, Mexican and Brazilian roots. Its diversity is also found in its repertoire where 3 languages are included: Spanish, Portuguese and English. Additional information about the band can be obtained from their website:  Cubanismsband.com.


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