EP8: Unemployment and the Reserve Army, Politics of Modern Monetary Theory, and Trump’s Economic Record

In this month’s ECON101, we dig deeper into the government’s unemployment numbers and discuss the reserve
army of labor. In our feature interview, we converse about the politics of Modern Monetary Theory with
Professor Mat Forstater, from the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) Department of Economics.
And finally, in our Dollars & Sense Debrief, our regular contributor Chris Sturr interviews Professor
John Miller of Wheaton College about Donald Trump’s economic record.

#Unemployment #MAGA #Trump #MMT


  • Econ101 – Unemployment (2:45 minutes)
  • Feature interview with Dr. Forstater on the politics of MMT (14:01)
  • Dollars & Sense Debrief on Trump’s Economic Record (39:56)

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