Equal Rights Amendment

Erica Benson joins host Craig Lubow to discuss the status of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Erica Benson is the Director of Project 28 MO, which is a Kansas City area based organization whose mission is to make the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) the 28th Constitutional Amendment. Project 28 MO works to unite and organize ERA advocates across the states of Missouri and Kansas. Benson strategizes with state campaigns around the country and coordinates with the national ERA Coalition and other leading national advocates like Vote Equality and Generation Ratify.  Project 28 MO also meets with legislators at the state and national level to encourage passage and publication of the ERA. As a mother of two young daughters and an American History teacher, Benson is determined to confirm the ratification of the ERA as the 28th Amendment.

Benson has been interviewed previously on Radio Active Magazine, e.g., 2022-02-22, and Heartland Labor Forum, e.g., 2021-09-09.

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