Every Woman – 20180811 – Kitty McCoy

Women of color in the US cybersecurity workforce make an average of $10,000 less their counterparts.

Kitty McCoy changed the focus of her technology company Enterprise Control Systems to cybersecurity and will share the challenges and high points of carving out an identity in a field that’s gotten the attention of every US citizen today.

Whether in politics, bank lending, shopping, internet gaming, or basic email, we are all impacted by cybersecurity – whether we use the Internet or not and whether we have a computer or not.

Join us this Saturday with our guest Kitty McCoy as we explore why women of color are taking a pay hit when it comes to cybersecurity roles in the United States and what she’s doing about it in KC’s tech industry.

Join us at 3pm Central time on 90.1FM, streaming on kkfi.org, or via various apps on your phones!