Every Woman – 20181222 – TEALS

Join us this Saturday along with Allison Hartnett from TEALS (Technology Education And Literacy in Schools). TEALS was founded in 2009 by former high school CS teacher and Microsoft engineer Kevin Wang, who now runs the program full time. TEALS aims to get computer science into every school, K through 12, and serves 12,000 students in 29 states, including Kansas & Missouri. 33% are female, 34% are underrepresented minorities and and nearly 1% are classes in rural communities. Learning computer science empowers young people to compete in the global economy and pursue careers across all sectors because it teaches students computational thinking and problem solving skills applicable in any industry.

Join us at 3pm Central time on 90.1 FM, streaming on kkfi.org, or via various apps on your phones! And be sure to keep up with Every Woman at our Facebook page which you can find right here!