Every Woman • August 19 2023 – Intentionally Fearless with Caroline Hammond

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Forgiveness as an act of courage? GET. OUT!

Do we have a show today that is perfect for anyone struggling with forgiveness? Why yes, we do!

We are going to talk about how we get stuck around forgiveness, and how to free ourselves so we can live our best lives.

Join Caroline, along with her guest Amy Impara-Gregory from Unlocking Venus today at 3 pm CST on KKFI-Every Woman.

Caroline and Amy will discuss: “The Other F-Word – Forgiveness”

*Has someone betrayed you, wronged you, hurt you?

*And what about forgiving ourselves? We will also talk about the often difficult journey of self-forgiveness.

*The creative process for innovative ideas and solutions which affect personal growth and professional opportunities.

Caroline Markel Hammond hosts Every Woman with “Intentionally Fearless” every third Saturday of the month on 90.1 FM, KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio.

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What’s your view on forgiveness, and how do you use it personally and professionally?

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As always, special thanks to Fiona and Una for allowing us the special opportunity to participate in Every Woman.


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