Every Woman • December, 12th 2020 • Women with Words • Starla Carr

Today on Every Woman we are going to speak with local author Starla Carr, who has recently published her 7th book, titled “She Knows Angel,” a dark LGBTQIA+ thriller:

Angel’s shoulders are heavy with responsibility. She is doing her best to tread the dangerous waters in her life. Two foster homes later, she and her brother finally have a chance at a better life. She meets a former police officer in college and their rocky friendship leads to a complex love affair. Obsessed with a mysterious journal that gives her insight to the future, Angel is many things to many people. She’s a sister, daughter, lover and friend, but she is nobody’s Angel.

We’ll talk with Starla about her creative process, what inspired her to write and how she took the plunge to become a published author, as well as what her works mean to her. Anyone who has always wanted to write an novel but doesn’t know how or where to start, this is the show for you!

About Starla Carr

Some people paint pictures with words and others create art with language. Miss Carr designs word play to engage the reader. She’s an author, poet, spoken word artist, ghostwriter, lgbtqia activist and warrior of words. She has 7 books. All are available on Amazon.

Facebook – Author Starla Carr @werdwerkdapoet
Facebook Business page – Blue Notebook Publishing Consultant

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