Every Woman • December, 26th 2020 • A conversation with Natosha Keefer

Natasha Keefer

Join us for this week’s Every Woman, as we welcome Natosha Keefer to the show for an interesting conversation about art, life, magic and spirituality.  Natosha is the owner of NDK’s Designs LLC and is a Mixed Media Intuitive Artist.

Natosha’s  creations are infused with love, inspiration, courage, intentions and more. As she has evolved and so have the creations. Natosha believes that by allowing the art to be a journey, you can create an adventure into the unknown and a connect to yourself in the now in a very powerful way. She believes the goals we create are powerful when they are aligned with your life’s passion and purpose.

You won’t want to miss this metaphysical, and spiritual discussion with a truly unique and creative woman.

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