Every Woman • July 15 2023 – Intentionally Fearless with Caroline Hammond

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Join me, Caroline Hammond: It’s the third Saturday of the month, so that means I will be live on my radio show Intentionally Fearless at 3 pm CST this Saturday!

Reaching up to 50,000 people a month is such an incredible opportunity for us.

“Intentionally Fearless” is a monthly episode of “Every Woman”. We use storytelling to enhance empathy and create change. Our focus?  Help women triumph over their greatest tragedies, recover, and lead successful lives. Caroline cannot join us today due to weather atrocities, like the storm-hit Kansas City metro went through last night.  So we are re-airing an episode from January, and here’s the details of that show:

We ask the question, “What is your Super Power, and how do you use it personally and professionally?

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This Saturday Sybil Cummin joins us to further our conversation on the resources available to help and protect victims of domestic violence.

Sybil is a licensed professional counselor specializing in working with victims and survivors of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse, including the youngest witnesses. Over the last decade Sybil has worked to close the gaps in services for survivors by training other mental health professionals and by creating a membership community to actively support survivors with tangible steps and strategies as well as creating a safe space for survivors to connect and heal together.

Please join us for a lively conversation that offers hope to women & families looking to overcome domestic abuse and start new, happy, and productive lives.

That’s at 3pm Central Time, on 90.1 FM, streaming on kkfi.org or various apps on your phones! And be sure to keep up with Every Woman at our Facebook page which you can find right here – https://www.facebook.com/KKFIEveryWoman/



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