Every Woman • July 30, 2022 – A Live Interview with Laser from The Doubleclicks!

The Doubleclicks!

Greetings! We have a great episode of Every Woman for you this Saturday. We will be talking with the amazing Laser from the singing duo The Doubleclicks as they launch their solo album and listening to some of their music both new and old!

The Doubleclicks are a nationally-touring folk-pop music duo made up of siblings Laser Malena-Webber (they/them) and Aubrey Turner (she/her). The siblings perform songs that are geeky, snarky, sweet, and uplifting, on their cello, ukulele and meowing cat keyboard. Their YouTube videos boast over 3 million views and have been featured on NPR, BoingBoing, and io9.

We will talking with them about a wide array of topics including their new musical, “Teaching a Robot to Love,” a new sci-fi musical about change, friendship, queer love, and what it means to be a person. Written by Laser Malena-Webber (of The Doubleclicks) and E. Aaron Wilson, the original cast recording of Teaching a Robot to Love is set to release in November 2021.

The story follows Mary Coral as she sets out to make the greatest program of all time at her summer internship at Advernado, the greatest tech company in Nanotropolis. Her perfect plans are put to the test when Mary meets Faun, a biology intern obsessed with pushing the boundaries, Lavender and Billie, fellow interns who want to beat Mary to the punch, and tech billionaire Mr. Norton, for whom failure is not an option.

You can connect with The Doubleclicks the following ways:

  • Website: thedoubleclicks.com
  • Twitter: @thedoubleclicks
  • Instagram: @thedoubleclicks
  • Facebook: /thedoubleclicls
  • TikTok: @doubleclickslive

To follow along on the musical’s journey (and get a copy of the free Doubleclicks video game) head to teachingarobottolove.com, and follow the hashtag #tartlmusical. To support the Doubleclicks and pre-order the album, go to https://thedoubleclicks.bandcamp.com/album/teaching-a-robot-to-love-original-cast-recording

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